Culinary Student hosts cooking demonstration of local Pittsburgh Legend’s recipe

As part of the African American History month celebration, a student from the culinary arts department performed a cooking demonstration. The recipe, provided below, was for Salmon Croquettes and was obtained from a cookbook by a local Pittsburgh legend Robert “Dr. Bob” McCall. Related to Chef Keith, a culinary arts instructor for Manchester Bidwell’s Pittsburgh…

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NETWORX Annual Conference in Akko Israel

For this year’s annual conference, NETWORX, was held at A-CAT located in Akko Israel. The conference took place between October 29th and November 1st and was attended by 16 centers, that are either in operation or working towards it. The group came together to define sustainability for centers and the future of the network. Session…

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Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATC) offers a Summer Trip to a Acadia National Park to students in their high school program

Through local partnerships, Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios was able to get funding for 10 students to visit Acadia National Park! As part of their high school program, students were able to travel and explore the National Park to learn outside the classroom. To read more on the story, click the button below. Click Here

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Brockway’s (BCAT) Executive Director, Deborah Heigel Publishes Article on Work Empowerment in PA

Image of students at Brockway Center for Arts and Technology

Deborah Heigel, executive director at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology, recently published an article for the Commonwealth Foundation discussing how work is empowering Pennsylvanians and how BCAT is helping that cause. She pulls from her personal experiences and how her students are a great example of how institutions like BCAT are helping citizens…

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A-CAT Launches New Trilingual​ Website

ACAT Launches New Website Image

Akko Center for Arts & Technology, A-CAT, located in Akko, Israel, recently launched its website, which can be translated into three various languages: English, Hebrew, and Arabic. The Center was established to cater to the cultural mosaic that characterizes Northern Israel, Akko, and the Western Galilee, providing a support system and second home to the…

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