NETWORX Annual Conference in Akko Israel

For this year's annual conference, NETWORX, was held at A-CAT located in Akko Israel. The conference took place between October 29th and November 1st and was attended by 16 centers, that are either in operation or working towards it. The group came together to define sustainability for centers and the future of the network.

Session on Israel dynamics from the perspective of three local religious leaders – a representative from the Baha’i faith, a Greek Orthodox, priest, and an Arab Sheik

Naim Obeid, CEO of A-CAT, speaking to Conference Attendees

A-CAT photography students joining the Conference to take photos for their class (Greg Daigle (Laurel Valley Opportunity Center), Tom Hoffman (ECAT), Calvin O’Neil (Shreveport) seated. Bill Strickland standing with students.)

A group dinner

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