The National Center for Arts & Technology (NCAT) was created to champion an educational philosophy steeped in a powerful fusion of mentorship, education, beauty and hope, embodied by the mission of Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) for the past 50 years.

NCAT works with cities collaboratively nationally and globally to open nonprofit Centers for Arts & Technology (CAT). A CAT provides world-class visual arts instruction for high school students and focused career training programs for adults seeking positive change for themselves and their families. This growing network is replicating Bill Strickland’s vision to transform people and communities by inspiring hope and innovation throughout the world.


NCAT’s replication process supports your desire to provide an empowering educational environment tailored to your community’s youth arts and adult career training needs. Our customized approach will work with you to create a world-class Center for Arts & Technology to motivate, inspire and transform your community grounded in the Manchester Bidwell Education Model and Bill Strickland’s philosophy of mentorship, education, beauty and hope.

NCAT approaches project management systematically, ensuring thorough, evidence-based analysis of city/regional demographics, driver industries, real estate and the availability of the financial resources required to get a CAT open and operating. NCAT will support your efforts with everything from detailed project timelines and planning tools, to methods for local partnership development, generation of educational curriculum and nonprofit operational best practices.

Starting a Center for Arts & Technology is no small task, but NCAT will be with you every step of the way.

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Centers for Arts and Technology are growing and popping up across the world. From Boston to Chicago to San Fransisco, centers are helping communities and each other everyday. Each center provides guidance and knowledge with the network to assist progression of the philosophy.


Brandon Testimonials Pic

Brandon Thomas
BTC Alumnus
"Bidwell boosted my self-esteem and pushed me outside of my comfort zone."

Gu Testimonial pic

MCG Youth & Arts Alumna
"I believe the process of making art is such an undervalued skill and activity. It helped me develop skills that are not reflected in the regular school curriculum."


New Students Enrolled in Training in Career Training Programs
People Served Through the CAT Network
Total Unique Students in Youth Arts Programs

* All Information Gathered from 2016-2017 Program Outcomes