Collaborative Consultation

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NCAT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Its mission is to catalyze the creation of CATs that will use the Manchester Bidwell Education Model to improve the quality of life for the underserved. It is important to note that NCAT only works by invitation.

If NCAT is working in your city, it is because your civic leadership learned of the Manchester Bidwell Education Model, traveled to Pittsburgh to see it and reached the following conclusions:

  1. There is something about the Manchester Bidwell Education Model that they did not see present in the ecosystem of organizations already present in their community;
  2. The Manchester Bidwell Education Model provides an innovative way to provide hope and opportunity to people in their community;
  3. They are willing to leverage their time, talent and treasure to see that a CAT is established in their community.

NCAT describes its method of working with a city as a “collaborative consultation.” In a traditional consultancy, a third party is invited into an organization. That third party conducts interviews, gathers data, conducts an analysis, and drafts a report stating its findings and making recommendations. At that point, the engagement is concluded and the organization is left alone to implement the consultant’s recommendations.

NCAT’s “collaborative consultation” differs dramatically from a traditional consultant engagement. NCAT does not make recommendations and walks away from the engagement once the feasibility report is written. Rather, NCAT’s feasibility report is prepared with the reality in mind that NCAT will guide the implementation of its recommendations alongside the newly formed CAT. NCAT is a true partner, working in lock-step with the CAT to achieve every milestone and to accomplish every goal from the Feasibility to Planning to Implementation phases of the replication process.

As part of the affiliation agreement, NCAT stays with the CAT after its doors have opened to provide supportive services. In every respect, NCAT works as a partner with the CAT and is equally invested in the success of the CAT that the NCAT consultancy helped guide into existence.