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This phase begins when a city’s leadership agrees to continue the replication process beyond the initial feasibility study. The city’s leadership signs a Planning Memorandum of Understanding. As the name implies, this phase takes a city through the actual process of planning and opening a Center. The Planning Phase can last up to 24 months.

During this phase the NCAT team will work collaboratively with the city to perform tasks including but not limited to:

  • Creating a legal non-profit entity;
  • Starting a capital campaign to support the CAT
  • Developing a board and hiring an executive director;
  • Assisting in hiring adult and youth staff;
  • Assisting with site location and internal building design;
  • Implementing CAT branding requirements;
  • Providing program development for adults and youth; and
  • Assist with marketing and fundraising.

During Planning, a city’s leadership and/or funding source(s) will continue to receive periodic progress reports from the NCAT Team. The cost for the Planning Phase is $300,000 which includes $150,000 in NCAT fees and $150,000 in start-up capital for the new Center. During this phase an NCAT Affiliation Agreement is signed.

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The planning is executed in three domains over 24 months

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Adult Career Training

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Youth Arts

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