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The Implementation Phase starts once a Center begins to offer classes. The Affiliation Agreement governs the Implementation Phase and is $150,000 each year for two years and is incorporated into the capital campaign budget. Once the Center is open for classes, it is considered operational.

During this phase the NCAT team will work collaboratively with the city to:

  • Assist youth arts program to refine curriculum based upon feedback from external and internal sources.
  • Assist the career training program to refine curriculum to incorporate feedback from external sources, externship sites and advisory committees.
  • Provide strategic guidance to prepare a center’s adult program to meet NCAT’s best practice guidelines.
  • Provide strategic guidance to move a center’s youth arts program from its nascent phase to meet NCAT’s best practice guidelines for after school visual arts programs.
  • Monitor outcomes for youth arts programs.
  • Monitor outcomes for career training programs.
  • Develop strategies to identify sustainable funding to include government and corporate support.
  • Refine curriculum to align with market demand and the needs of local employers.

The affiliation agreement governs the relationship between the Center and NCAT within the implementation and maintenance replication phases.