NCAT works with communities who’ve recognized a need for the services a Center for Arts & Technology provides. Specifically, responsive career training for underemployed/unemployed adults and quality afterschool visual arts programing for high school youth. It's important to remember that a CAT is a start-up, nonprofit organization housed in a customized physical building. This means any interested city will need access to significant seed funding. This support often comes from community influencers throughout the corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic, and municipal sectors. If you think you have these ingredients, NCAT would love to start a conversation. Get in touch today!


Time Frame: 12 Months

NCAT will assess project feasibility when your city is ready to begin the journey toward opening a new Center for Arts & Technology. At this point, NCAT will assign a highly trained Project Manager, supported by a team of skilled professionals, to your team. They will work with your local steering committee to conduct a rigorous, evidence-based feasibility study. During this process we provide (2) deliverables in the form of a comprehensive interim and final report/presentation. These deliverables visualize the results of NCAT’s detailed qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. They focus on your city’s demographics to identify specific employment and educational needs of the region relative to youth arts and adult training programs. Additional financial, human resources, and risk analyses lead to a statement of viability and conclusions regarding the ultimate feasibility of a Center for Arts & Technology in your community.


Time Frame: 24 Months

The feasibility study has been delivered and your local steering committee decides to move the project forward, now what? As a result, NCAT will work with your local leadership to build the business and physical infrastructure for a Center for Arts & Technology. Your Project Manager will guide your newly formed board of directors through the achievement of key objectives. For example, these include board development, strategies for operating and capital fundraising, identification and design of an appropriate facility, marketing and branding, as well as youth and adult programming. NCAT provides the training and materials to help navigate this part of the process. As a result, the stage will be set for your grand opening.


Time Frame: 12 Months

Congratulations! Your new Center for Arts & Technology is ready to open its doors to the public. NCAT will provide support for the first 12 months of operations to ensure that programs/systems are implemented are running smoothly. This part of the process is highly customizable and intended to support any area of the business you feel needs our focus. Need support designing curriculum, or hiring and growing your staff? No problem! NCAT will support you when looking to apply for large dollar grants, refine your financial systems, or improve your evaluation processes. Your Project Manager will support you every step of the way. In other words, they'll help you work out the kinks until your CAT stands firmly on its own.


After your new Center for Arts & Technology has been running perfectly for 12 months, NCAT offers a menu of Membership options to provide the high-quality support you need at any level. As a result, your Center may recieve support from basic tune ups to major overhauls. In concolusion, we will support you throughout the process. View our Membership options for more details.