Manchester Bidwell Education Model

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The Manchester Bidwell Education Model is comprised of four essential components


  1. Career training for demand-driven jobs for adults.
  2. High-quality visual arts programming for youth.
  3. A Center for Art & Technology (CAT): that is, a world-class facility filled with light, art and flowers, designed to elevate the human spirit.
  4. MBC culture: a warm and embracing environment of dignity and respect that underscores and elevates our fundamental philosophy that “all human lives are valuable”.

When successfully implemented, a CAT provides a two-part strategy to address the real challenges of poverty and despair:

  1.  By providing an avenue to gainful employment for adults who are unemployed, underemployed or who have been dislocated from work.
  2. By using the visual arts as a tool of engagement to promote academic achievement among youth.

By definition, the Manchester Bidwell Education Model is designed to serve both youth and adults in a community.